Huron County Chamber Of Commerce Annual Banquet

                         St. Paul's Convocation Center, 40 Wooster Street, Norwalk

                                                         Aril 30, 2015 




                 Spring Wise Buys (printable copy) April 23, 2015


   Century 21- Norma Schaechterle Listing

Croghan Colonial Bank- Street Smart Business

    First United Methodist Church

 JDB Home Improvement

Myers Auto Center- Lease Options

Myers Auto Center - RAMINATOR EVENT

Prestige Pools

Schield's IGA April Menu 

Small Business Week







Summit Motorsports Park has generously given the Chamber a large number of Cavalcade of Stars tickets. This three day event takes place from May 15-17. Each ticket also includes FREE Parking, FREE Pit Pass and a SPECTACULAR Fireworks show on Friday and Saturday night! We want to offer all of our Chamber Members and their families these tickets so you may treat yourself and them to a weekend of fun for little to no cost!!!


You may also want to give your employees and their families a chance to win these tickets as a reward or incentives for doing a great job or reaching a goal in your company! Or maybe give them to some of your clients and their families as a Thank You to your business and make them feel important or special to build a loyal long term relationship with your clients.


Summit Motorsports Park strictly asked us not to just put the tickets on our counters for just anyone to take and more than likely not use. Each ticket is numbered and we will keep track where the tickets go to make sure they are used and distributed appropriately. 


This is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the weekend with family and friends! If you are interested, please email or call the Chamber. You will be able to pick them up during business hours. Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm Friday 8am-2pm.





2015 Ohio Minimum Wage Poster

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